About Our Products

We offer two product lines for your convenience:

Core Curriculum Series: A Complete K-8 Science and Social Studies curriculum

Elective Unit Studies: Unit studies for electives and/or with students of varying ages

About our Core Curriculum Series:
The Core Curriculum Series provides a COMPLETE K-8 social studies and science curriculum for parents seeking the convenience of a complete educational program. The social studies and science titles within the Core Curriculum Series are based on the following discipline strands:

There are a total of 24 titles to be completed in each three year grade range (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8). Each year, you select eight titles you would like your child to complete, or you can follow our recommended sequence. Titles are available for purchase individually or as a set of eight. Each title will take approximately 5-6 weeks to complete.

About our Elective Unit Studies:
The elective unit studies enrich and supplement the studies of those using other core curriculum or the Intellego core curriculum series. Each elective unit will take anywhere from three to ten months to complete, depending on your pacing and how you decide to integrate these larger unit studies into your education plan.

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