1. Do you sell complete curriculum or unit studies?
    Intellego Unit Studies provides two curriculum options. We offer a Core Curriculum Series for grades K-8 that is a COMPLETE science and social studies curriculum. We also offer larger elective unit studies for use to enrich and supplement the studies of those using other core curriculum or the Intellego core curriculum series

  2. In what format is your curriculum available?
    All titles are available in PDF for use on your computer. You may purchase them through instant download or on CD via U.S. Mail.

  3. Are these easy to use?
    Yes! The only thing the parent needs to do is gather the supplies and materials for hands-on activities. All of the readings, videos, websites, and activities are contained within the PDF.

  4. What does "web-linked" mean?
    Our curriculum brings you the best available resources on the Internet. Within each PDF, you will find numerous links to the best websites for streaming video, interactive games, activities, audio files, virtual field trips, maps, readings, activities, experiments, projects, concert performances, and more.

  5. What if a link goes down?
    We routinely check and maintain all links on a database using a redirect feature. When we discover a broken link, we replace it within the database so that when you click on the original link, you will be redirected to the new updated link.

  6. What kind of activities can I expect my child to complete?
    Although each title will have different and unique features, here are some activities you can expect in nearly every title: Reading, discussions, writing assignments, worksheets, drawing, videos, online interactive games and activities, hands-on projects, experiments, painting, games, and more.

  7. Are all activities done at the computer?
    No. Your child will need to use the computer to complete the online activities, such as videos and interactive games. Then your children will spend time away from the computer completing worksheets, drawings, map work, art projects, experiments, discussions, hands-on activities, etc.

  8. Are your products religious in nature?
    No. We are a secular (non-religious) publisher.

  9. Do your biology titles teach about evolution?

  10. Can your curriculum be used by a homeschool co-op?
    Yes. We offer special discounts for members of homeschool co-ops. Contact us for more information on special discounts for co-ops. Be sure to include the titles you'd like and how many members are in your co-op.

  11. What are the system requirements for using a product from Intellego Unit Studies?
    All of our unit studies are web linked and include streaming videos, interactive websites, and other online features which may not perform well on computers with smaller system configurations or older versions of software. Click here to view our system requirements information.

  12. What is the Intellego Unit Studies Return Policy?
    Consistent with eBook industry standards, we are unable to accept returns for downloadable PDFs. CDs may be returned if the original shipping package has not yet been opened. For CD orders, once you open the original shipping envelope, the CDs may not be returned.

    NOTE: Shipping charges are non-refundable.

    Before purchasing a unit study, we recommend viewing the free sample pages available for each title. The sample will show you the Table of Contents, Materials List, the Objectives, as well as the first several activities. In addition, the recorded webinar video on our homepage offers a brief introduction to our unit studies and allows you to see the layout, types of activities, and general presentation of our products.

    If you have questions before purchasing a unit study, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  13. Can I resell a unit study when I am done with it?

    License Agreement

    All products of Intellego Unit Studies LLC are sold under a single-user (or single immediate family) license. This license strictly forbids the sale, transfer, or circulation beyond the immediate family of the license holder without prior written consent from Intellego Unit Studies LLC.

    Purchase of a CD or instant download does NOT entitle the user to reproduce of any part for a class, co-op, school, or district system. Any reproduction, sale, transfer or circulation violates the terms of this license and is prohibited by law.
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