What our customers are saying:

  • "This curriculum is the best I've seen in 12 years of homeschooling!"
    Dr. C. Collins, Ohio

  • "What sets you apart is that you care! You guys responded to my email immediately, you make sure links are working, and you research for the best information to include in your products. You stand above the crowd - professional, easy to use, affordable, effective, and FUN!"
    Julie from Florida

  • "Finally, a high-quality hands-on product that works for all 4 of my kids!"
    Marci W., IL

  • "I am homeschooling a child with autism. It isn't easy. We've tried a lot of strategies and materials in the past. I was almost ready to put him back in school because he resisted all of the stuff we've tried. I found your name on a blog of another special-needs homeschooler. I decided to try it and I am so GLAD we did! He loves the videos and the online activities and games. Although he struggles with writing, he actually will complete the worksheets without complaining because he likes the graphics on them and because he likes the material to begin with. Although he'd prefer more videos, I like that it's so well rounded. I think you have a great balance, although maybe a few more videos would improve it for him!"
    Traci, Mom to Daniel

  • "Thank you for putting the fun back in learning!"
    S.T., homeschool dad in CA

  • "Hello from New Zealand! We are homeschoolers who rely on instant downloads from the US. I just wanted to write and thank you for your curriculum. We have downloaded some really poor quality stuff in the past, but your curriculum is polished, well written, well designed, and your graphics are amazing! Keep up the good work. We're looking forward to some titles on New Zealand! Please?"
    K.C., New Zealand

  • "Your unit studies are so easy to use and my kids ask for them everyday!"
    M. in Massachusetts

  • "As a college professor of education, all I can say is WOW! You could charge four times more and these products would still beat anything else out there!"
    T.M. in Madison, WI

  • "Thank you! Easy, fun, affordable and effective!"
    Renee, Dallas

  • "Affordable and brilliant!"
    Mela W., Honolulu
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