Elective Unit Studies: Globetrotting with Cinderella

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Target Ages: 6-12
Number of Pages: 174
Time to Complete: 2-3 Months
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Elective Unit Studies: Globetrotting with Cinderella - Literature, Geography and Culture
In this 174 page unit study, your children will explore much more than fairy tales and Cinderella stories! This unit study takes your child on a tour of 6 distinct global cultures, looking at history, music, art, food, and scientific contributions. Children will explore the literary genre of fairy tales and learn the elements of this genre while comparing the six Cinderella stories across the cultures. While on their journey, children will also explore culinary arts, literary devices, public speaking, listening skills, chromatics, trees, volcanoes, kites, fermentation, Egyptian math, and so much more!

Nations studied: France, Micmac Tribe of Nova Scotia and Maine, Russia, China, Egypt and Korea.

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