Elective Unit Studies: Baseball

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Target Ages: 10-Adult
Number of Pages: 215
Time to Complete: 1-3 Months
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Elective Unit Studies: Baseball
This is one unit study you won’t want to miss!

Come along with Intellego Unit Studies on an exciting journey through American history, geography, physics, statistics, geometry, economics, literature, art, music, and so much more, using baseball as the central theme!

Your children will explore baseball through the lens of American historical events such as the Civil War, the opening of Ellis Island, the invention of the radio, World War II, the Civil Rights era, and the development of commercial jets.

Geography skills and knowledge are gained through an exploration of the expansion of the nation and the development of leagues in Cuba and Japan.

Physics, statistics and geometry are fun when explained in practical and applicable ways, as well as coupled with hands-on activities and experiments!

Economic laws, such as supply and demand, are easy to understand when they are explained in real life terms using the baseball business model.

Along the way, your children will meet the influential players and personalities, including the Negro Leagues and the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. They will ponder the baseball-related writings of great American poets and authors such as Longfellow, Whitman, Thayer, Twain, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Kinsella. And of course, they will study art and music as they relate to the great national pastime.

This is the perfect summer unit study, bringing your children multisensory learning through a fun and hands-on approach to multiple subjects. They will gain the conceptual and theoretical understanding as well as the real life applications. Batter up!

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