Elective Unit Studies: The Solar System

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Target Ages: 8-14
Number of Pages: 237
Time to Complete: 1-3 Months
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Elective Unit Studies: The Solar System

In this comprehensive and multisensory 237 page unit study, your children will explore much more than the solar system! This unit study takes your child on a journey through the galaxy to explore astronomy history and the planets, the sun and the moon, comets and meteors, asteroids and space junk, and more! Children will build their own solar system and planetarium as well as complete experiments on a wide range of topics. While on their journey, children will also explore gravity, celestial navigation, the relationship of ancient civilizations to the sun, solar and lunar eclipses, solar cooking, legends of the sun and the moon, Roman mythology, the greenhouse effect, NASA Earth Explorers, topographical maps, magnetic fields, mathematical predictions, and even Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Holst's The Planets

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