Elective Unit Studies: The Great Lakes

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Target Ages: 8-16
Number of Pages: 157
Time to Complete: 1-2 Months
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Elective Unit Studies: The Great Lakes

In this 157 page unit study, your children will explore much more than the Great Lakes! This unit study takes your child on a journey around the Great Lakes to learn about their formation, history, development, and future. Children will build their own Great Lakes model while exploring navigation and life on the lakes. While on their journey, children will also examine depth and volume, the First People, the fur trade, the steel industry, the shipping industry, shipwrecks, locks, lighthouses, recreation, pollution, bridges, poetry about the lakes, Mackinac Island, Manitoulin Island, the food chain, invasive species, the Erie Canal, lake effect snow, Niagara Falls, biomagnification, the St. Lawrence Seaway, fish and frogs and even The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!

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